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Flat Roof Ventilation Management in Irving, Texas

Irving Flat Roofing is a trusted name in the residential and commercial roof ventilation arena. For many years, we have assisted hundreds of homeowners in Irving to keep their homes cool and hospitable. Our roofing experts understand the intricacies of roofing ventilation management and can suggest the right ventilation system for your home.

Hire Roofing Ventilation Experts in Irving

Being a locally owned and operated company, Irving Flat Roofing understands the roofing ventilation needs of homeowners and the business community better than any other company. We have carried out hundreds of attic inspections, ventilation repairs, and installations. All our roofing technicians in Irving are well-trained, licensed, and insured to carry out roof inspections, soffits & whirlybirds installation, and maintenance of various residential ventilation systems.

Why You Need a Good Ventilation System?

During hot summer months, temperatures in Texas can soar to a high of 60 degrees causing heat to radiate downwards to the living areas. In the cooler months, water vapor can collect and condense in roof spaces eventually causing mildew and mold growth on the ceiling. Ventilating your home will prevent heat-build and condensation in roof spaces, both which have the potential to damage roof sheathing and cause major health problems.

Superior Residential Ventilation System

At Irving Roofing, we use superior intake and exhaust ventilation solutions with the capacity of keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the year. We have a selection of close-able models and vents that are easy to install and replace. Whether you need a new ventilation system or need to reposition an existing one, our roofing technicians will advise on where best to position your ventilation system for maximum impact. Our roofers will not just install but reinforce your system so that it can withstand the force of a hailstorm. Talk to us if you need any of the types of ventilation.

Solar attic fan ventilation: we can install soffit ventilation on your attic to reduce heat buildup and moisture condensation. Properly installed, the soffits will prolong the life of your roof and reduce the costs of running your air conditioning system. Our soffits are windstorm tested and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Wind turbine ventilation: we can install a rust-free aluminum unit which can withstand winds of up to 110 m.p.h. Our units come with air-foil curved vanes with rolled edges to deflect rainwater. Riveted at every point and permanently lubricated, your low-cost wind turbine will serve you for a lifetime.

Are you in urgent need of roof vent repair? We have skilled technicians who can carry out same day repairs and emergency part replacements. You don’t have to schedule a home visit or come to our offices. Just call and request a roofing technician to come to your home and they will be there in less than an hour.

Having Problems with Ventilation?

Call 972-440-5702 to schedule a FREE inspection of your attic ventilation system. Craft Master roofing technicians can advise you on the best ventilation system for your home and help you solve all your heat and moisture problems.